Dear thief
F%# you for jacking my aged Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 the main form of communication I have with the world wide web, sorry readers I had to get that shit off my chest.  Hell if you’re still reading this and you’re from South Africa I’m sure you can pretty much relate to how frustrating this is.

I’m sure the person that stole my phone has pretty much sold it for Wongaah(a street drug that’s pretty much taken over Durban and other parts of SA) . This happened on the 8th of January 2016 at the Durban Market, 4 days before my birthday what a birthday gift right! Anyway the reason behind this post isn’t to rant or to take out the anger and frustration I still have. Okay maybe the first part, it’s to show that smartphones aren’t just a device for posting up pictures on Facebook, Instagram or looking up meaningless information.

I got the phone after I missed out on an Internship opportunity, unfortunately my tablet doesn’t receive voice calls as it lacks GSM, but other than that I’m not prepared to put a 10” tablet to my face, but I’d have a good set of earphones with me to answer that call again. I’m not mad that they didn’t try to contact me via email as that’s how I applied, but I’m just mad that in this day and age our phones can’t be tracked as easily as we think. After my phone got stolen my girlfriend was nearby me with hers, not even 5 minutes after the incident I tried to track it with the Android device manager unfortunately I couldn’t the thief switched it off and after a couple of days of trying I gave up tracking it.

Maybe it wasn’t meant to be hey! Or was it or was it an unfortunate case of bad luck, because I had the phone for just 2 weeks, but my mother had kept it with her for 4 years now. Well thank you thief you’ve set me back once again, maybe getting a R100 phone maybe the only solution I have left. It would get me off taking pictures as always, but I’d miss out on looking back on the  moments that I capture or someone else capturers for me. I don’t know hey this crime thing is an issue all over not just Durban or Joburg, but all over the world, but just in case you’ve given up and decide to go into the art of stealing cellphone’s think about what you could be doing. You could be taking a phone of a person that is waiting on the phone call that would change their life, that individual could be in a new City all alone and lost and the only way to navigate them is their phone, or you could be taking the phone of a person that has some truly important documents that will get them that dream job and help them to earn something and not add to the poverty we struggle with in this country.

A phone in this country is a life line to the World Wide Web, don’t underestimate the power of your device use it to gain knowledge, look and apply for jobs and to also tell your loved ones you love them.  So as I sit on my bed job hunting I pay tribe to all the phones stolen today and to the owners of those phones, I feel your pain and join me on the road to a dummy phone and leave your iPhone 6s, Galaxy S6 Edge, Xperia Z5… at home lets show those Assholes who’s smart.

P.S. don’t forget to insurance that brand new phone.


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