The new Kinect for Windows is now available for pre-order it’s the same one Microsoft demonstrated in June.

The new Kinect will start shipping on July 15th, Microsoft wants developers to build more innovative gesture-based interaction into their software projects on the Windows platform.The new Kinect works with the Kinect SDK 2.0.

Adoption of the Kinect is at a slow pace and things didn’t go quite as planned when Xbox One buyers had to buy the new console with the Kinect bundled for a $100 difference than its rival for Playstation 4, but Microsoft now sells a Kinectless Xbox One at $399 . The new Kinect is made so that developers can make more interesting applications that go more in depth with the device than the usual apps available so far.

The new Kinect will set you back $199 and is available for pre-order from the Microsoft site, the device will ship on July 15th .


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