Microsoft has been pulling back on alot of decisions with the Xbox One since it was announced last year, from being able to play the device without having being connected to Xbox Live to playing second hand games. Now Microsoft is going back on another decision, it will be selling the Xbox One without the Kinect peripheral.

Microsoft was hoping that the Kinect would justify the Xbox’s One’s price of $499 and still make record sales, but currently the Sony Playstation 4 has been selling more than the Xbox One and Microsoft has stepped back so it can get its sales back up. Some think that this is better, but right now I think that this will hurt Microsoft in the future as its vision of the future of gaming is breaking away piece by piece cause right now the Xbox One is looking like an Xbox 360 upgrade instead of the new evolution of gaming and entertainment as Microsoft promised.

The stand alone Xbox One will be available from June 9th.


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