bb 8520Let me get this out of the way as early as possible, I’m not being paid by Blackberry to write this or anything from them it’s just what I’ve come to realize.

I could be typing this out on my Blackberry 8520 and I’m not ashamed to say it I loved that phone, but too bad water and electronics don’t really get along. I use to type away sending tweets, messages, writing blog posts as most followers of Techwrapza was born on mobile, 95% of the posts that went up where typed on the keyboards of the very company people say is dead.

Truth be told the phone gave me headaches not only when it came to the lack of applications, but the fact that when updating or removing an application you had to reboot the phone and that could take anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 minutes(no joke) depending on how many applications and content you had on the phone. The way the phone froze every time you wanted to something at times I swear it would freeze just because it forgot it was a smartphone.

A Look into the light:

People nowadays have put their trust in Samsung’s Galaxy devices, iPhones, and many other Android devices including myself I use a 2 year old Samsung Galaxy Y which gets me by, but the truth is I miss my damn Blackberry, I miss the keyboard I miss posting stories at 11 at night cause the thing was small enough to pull out and start typing away, I miss posting on twitter going from tweet to tweet and looking opening up a number of tabs on Opera mini( cause truth be told the default browser sucked!), I miss just typing out long explanations to people cause I had that lovely keyboard that made me feel right at home. I see myself as a mobile born person who’s interact with the internet truly came alive on mobile devices.
Living in South Africa sure we get our share of the internet, but most of those people connected to the net only experience that from a mobile stand point and the Blackberry was the perfect device for R60 you got uncapped internet which is a far cry from paying R510pm for uncapped ADSL. Yes it’s better to have that, but the high price of broadband in this country keeps most of us from getting it and that’s why the BIS was the best solution you had. Needed to check out a story easy I’ve got BIS look it up, needed to post up something easy looking up some resources type it out post it, needed to get in contact with someone easy look them up email, Whatsapp, BBM or tweet them, needed a track easy look it up download it (yes we’ve all done it), but at the end of the month my needs were fulfilled just on R60 A Month!

What I can’t deal with the device I’m using now days is the screen estate and even people with bigger screens have this very same problem, is that the keyboard takes up more than half the screen estate, yes the feedback of touchscreen keyboards have gotten better over the years, but nothing beats a good Blackberry keyboard and of course the when look for a smartphone these days a Blackberry is the only option. Truth be told the only thing that held people back with a Blackberry is Instagram and a few other apps other than that we could blame the hardware all we want, but we could stand that for a year or so long that was really the issues? I think it’s this thing of because I have a Samsung or I see someone else carrying a device that seems to have all the latest technology that was dragged in to get an Android device, please bear with me before every Android users kills me. The Android experience is a unique one and very customization in a lot of ways, but am I wrong when I say most new smartphone buyers or users don’t take advantage of the open source experience to the point where they change everything software wise on the phone or are people just okay with the device they have and only download those few necessary applications they use on a daily basis.

Blackberry still has a Market:

Blackberry is the only smartphone company still making phones with a full QWERTY keyboard and the CEO John Chen realizes that Blackberry needs to stick to what it knows and that’s devices with good keyboards and security. Most Enterprises have accommodated to BYOD, but a lot of companies including the White house still use the devices because no company comes close to the security that the company has. Hope is still there as Chen has promised that the company is going to bring back the Blackberry classic devices at the end of the year, I just hope they realize that BB10 was a fail cause BIS was also missing.

I’ve been thinking on ending this on a good note and this has taken me a while to get t( like a week), it took me way less time to type out the long piece on Mxit, but I’ve seen what’s a happened to me when I don’t have a Blackberry. I engage more with people in real life, I send less broadcast messages, I don’t feel the stress of having to think whether I’m going to have enough for BIS at the end of the month or not, I feel much more free, but truth be told the upsides of having one crushes the downsides more than ever. The feeling of waking up on the wrong side of the bed hits me every morning when I just want to pick up my phone and type out a post and share it with the world or those of who are interested, so my next smartphone purchase will be a Blackberry so I can get back to doing what I love doing, updating this site, what will your next smartphone purchase be? And do you ever miss the Blackberry? Let us know below


One thought on “I Underestimated the Blackberry, I think a lot of us did…

  1. Wow! Thank you for sharing with us those new and for the record I’m using a bberry 9300 and I’m loving it so much though I do feel blackberry must bring back BIS to it smart phones and they will once again be the best above the rest#thats my opinion#

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