Microsoft a few hours ago announced the pricing for Windows 8.1 everything pricing wise remains unchanged as the basic Windows 8.1 upgrade edition will cost $119.99(R1199.99), with the Pro version priced at $199.99(R1999.99). If you already have Windows 8 upgrading to Windows 8.1 will be free.

Microsoft has also brought back the ‘full version’ of Windows in Windows 8.1 thanks to user feedback, so instead of getting an ‘upgrade version’ from your retail or online store Microsoft will provide you with a full version.

A few things have changed in the way upgrades go on Windows XP and Vista to Windows 8.1 which you can learn from Microsoft’s blog.

Most machines will be launching with Windows 8.1 from October 18th onwards, Microsoft will be offering ways of upgrading from basic to Pro and Windows Media Centre editions as well.

Windows Blog



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