It was truly a iPhone Event today as the internet will go on for days and days of how everything announced today was already leaked, let’s not forget that their isn’t to many great products that have been kept secret nowadays (We blame NSA).

Apple gave us two great phones, great software and customs covers as a bonus.

iPhone 5C:

The iPhone 5C is Apple’s take on the budget buyer and its got it right where everyone is looking, the iPhone 5C will start out at $99(R990) instead of the usually $199 on a 2year contract. The iPhone 5C will be replacing the original iPhone 5, the C will come with a polycarbonate body which is housed internally by a aluminium shell which also acts as an antenna.

The iPhone 5C will have a 4″ Retina display with the same resolution (640 x 1136 pixels), a A6 chip the same as the iPhone 5 all running the new iOS 7 which will be out on September 18th.
On the back is an 8MP / 1080p camera, 100Mbps LTE connectivity, Wi-Fia/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0.

The iPhone 5C will be thicker than the iPhone 5 9mm vs 7.6mm the same goes for the weight 132g vs 112g. It comes in White, Blue, Green, Yellow and Pink, it also costs $99(R990) for the 16GB and $199(R1999) for the 32GB. You can also grab a $30(R300) colourful case.

iPhone 5S:

The iPhone 5S is a refinement of the iPhone 5 and its a damn good one, and probably the most noticeable thing at first without touching the device is that it comes in Gold and Space Grey.

The thing is faster than ever, its twice as fast as the last iPhone thanks to the all new A7 processor which supports OpenGL ES 3.0 that will result to better graphics . Its also got a new M7 co-processor that works with fitness apps, one of the best upgrades is that the phone has a new 64-bit architecture.

The new beast also improved the camera and security on the phone as the leaks pointed out before that this has a finger print scanner that will replace that old 1234 password, it can also be used on iTunes purchase. Its placed on the home button

The camera is still 8MP but everything has changed it can now take 720p
videos at 120fps, allowing it to create slow-mo videos. The new camera a wider f/2.2 aperture (as opposed to f/2.4) and a 15% larger image sensor, even though its still 8MP. The larger surface has allowed for larger, 1,5 micron pixels, the new iSight camera can go head to head with the camera phones of the world, its also bundled with an LED that sends out a white flash or a warm amber flash.

The iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S will launch on September 20 in the US, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore and
the UK. China for the first time is one of those countries that will get the devices first. The iPhone 5 has been discontinued and the iPhone 4S will now be free on a two year contract.

Image Courtesy: The Verge



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