Sony isn’t sitting back and watching the tiny devices take over the TV, as of today Sony announced the PS Vita TV that takes on Apple TV and other set-top boxes.

The Vita TV is a 6 x 10cm console and set-top box that connects to a TV. It’s based on PS Vita hardware and will play games from the Vita, PSP, and PS1. The console will cost $95(R950) excluding tax. The console will launch in Japan November 14th.

The mini console offers entertainment services such as Japan’s Hulu, Tsutaya TV, Nico Nico Douga and Sony’s Video Unlimited service. It also has cross functionally with the Playstation 4.

Not all games from the PS Vita will work with the Vita TV as it lacks the touch sensitive consoles on the PS Vita. The Vita TV is Sony’s plan to get things going in Japan as the PS4 will launch February 22nd in Japan.

The Apple TV and Vita TV are the same, but the Vita TV has an up side of playing more robust games and will use this as an advantage to take on the other set-top boxes out their. The international release hasn’t been announced yet, the Vita TV will also have a bundle that has a DualShock 3 controller and 8GB memory card that costs $143(R1430).



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