We can’t say this is a surprise, but its been a long time coming since the Finnish company moved its devices to the Windows Phone platform.

Microsoft put up a bid of $7.2 billion which is actually lower than the bid for Skype, but its one that has huge recognisable market a number of patients and Nokia is the number one supporter for Windows Phone 8.

Devices like the Lumia 920,520 seemed to be putting up a fight in the smartphone war against the giants and it seemed Nokia would survive, but as Microsoft doesn’t have a Windows Phone device of its own it looks like the best thing to do is buy its biggest supporter knowing nicely it won’t disappoint.

32 000 people are expected to transfer from Nokia to Microsoft. This deal was in talks back in June though things didn’t go far, now things have gone all the way, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer called this “a bold step into the future.” In an email. He also added that the Lumia 1020 is an example of what the companies can do if they work together and says that the phone hasn’t got the marketshare it deserves “Now is the time to build on this momentum and accelerate our share and profits in phones,” said Ballmer.

The Asha line is access to the mass market that Nokia has and might be one of the biggest contributing factors, Microsoft will use the Asha line as an “on-ramp to Windows Phone.” In developing countries it will be used to increase the Windows Phone footprint and make the devices even more affordable.

Microsoft isn’t closing off its Windows Phone platform, its sort of a Google and Motorola move. This leaves Nokia with 3 focus points now that’s NSN (its network infrastructure) HERE (its maps and location-based services); and Advanced Technologies (a licensing and development arm).

Stephon Elop Nokia CEO will be back in the Redmond company this just be a smart move to bring in Elop as a potential candidate as CEO of Microsoft as the company is on the look out for a new CEO for Microsoft, but Elop will be heading Microsoft’s devices team with Julie Larson-Green.

Microsoft got Nokia at a bargain price buying the company is an easy thing, but turning the products and services of Nokia into something that works is initially up to Microsoft. Buying Nokia puts it on a level with Apple and Google instead of starting from the beginning, let’s hope that Microsoft’s current reshuffle doesn’t blind the vision of turning the company into a real competitor in the consumer market.



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