The Nokia Lumia 1520, Nokia’s (or should we now say Microsoft’s?) first phablet is expected to get official soon, but the first screenshot allegedly coming from the device earlier referred to as the Nokia Bandit has leaked out. And wow there is a ton of Live Tiles there!
The Lumia 1520 will support six small live tiles in a row, up from four in Windows Phone devices so far. This is a 50% increase in the maximum number of apps you can fit on its display.
Question remains whether we can really trust that this screenshot is coming from the Nokia Lumia 1520. It’s hard to say, but given the good track record of @evleaks who obtained the image and its realistic looks, we’re inclined to think it’s true.
The image also agrees with a previous leak allegedly showing Nokia’s phablet.
The Lumia 1520 is expected to sport a 6-inch 1080p display. Nokia is expected to unveil the device at a huge event in New York at the end of September.



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