Acer isn’t a power house in the international scene and this device won’t be one of those ones that take it to glory, but it should get the attention of its other smartphone rivals.

Acer announced the Liquid S2 a phablet that comes with a 6-inch 1080p IPS display, a Snapdragon 800 processor which is clocked at 2.2Ghz helped by 2GB of RAM. The real deal is at the back the Liquid S2 is the first smartphone to come with a 4K camera which can also take 13MP shots. Will we see the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 come with the same feature?

4K TVs are just making their way to reasonable pricing for the regular consumer, but the push for it is their and we know that the push on smartphone’s will be even harder.

Source: Engadget



One thought on “Acer Gives Us The Liquid S2, The First 4K Camera On A Phone

  1. Taking pictures is becoming a hobby of mine. I would like to see how good this is compared to the 41 mp camera of the Nokia Lumia 1020. Would you be so kind and update the post regarding this matter?

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