Blackberry World the centre of all things Blackberry which hosts 120 000 apps for both BB10 and the legacy Blackberry OS a large amount of apps indeed, but what’s interesting is 47,000 of those apps came from one developer.

S4BB is the developer that’s made one-third of the apps and they don’t focus on quality, but more on quantity like coin flip app, a couple of fart apps,
an app that sounds like a bicycle bell and a lot of “locks”

Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to an app store, even if iOS and Android are far a head Windows Phone 8 is publishing quality apps that are getting the notice of people and increase the platforms value. Blackberry is ending up like a Getjar, the platform needs to get a hold of S4BB and stop clustering Blackberry World before things get out of hand..oh wait they already have S4BB already owns 1/3 of the Blackberry World.



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