Sony’s head hunter the Playstation 4 has been on a roll killing the Xbox One at every turn, now its time for the console to prove itself.

At Gamescore yesterday Sony announced that its next gen console will launch in the North America on November 15. The European release will follow two weeks later on November 29th.

Sony has said that the Playstation 4 will have 33 games for the console by year end. The console will set buyers back a cool $399(R3999).

Details of launches:

November 15th markets:

•United States

November 29th markets:

•Costa Rica
•El Salvador
•New Zealand
•United Kingdom

The Games that Sony will launch include digital download and Blu-ray disc games they include:

Blu-ray and PS Store Digital Download:

•Assassin’s Creed Black Flag
•Battlefield 4
•Call of Duty: Ghosts
•FIFA 14
•Just Dance 2014
•Killzone: Shadow Fall
•LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
•Madden NFL 25
•NBA 2K14
•Need for Speed: Rivals
•Skylanders: Swap Force
•Watch Dogs

Digital Download Games:

•Basement Crawl
•DC Universe
•Doki-Doki Universe
•Pinball Arcade
•Planetside 2
•Pool Nation Extreme
•Super Motherload
•Tiny Brains
•War Thunder

Most games will also be available on the Playstation 3, Sony also added that the Playstation 4 has over 180 games titles in development for it.



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