Following a trend already set by other highly anticipated devices, alleged photo samples taken with the Galaxy Note III have leaked in the wild.
And this time around, they give us a rare two-in-one – the reflection of a prototype Note III is clearly visible, if only a part of it.
Of course, there’s less mystery than usual, for we’ve already seen this particular prototype.
Samsung is well known for using dummy devices to cover the actual look of upcoming smartphones. Nevertheless, we’ve already had quite a few indications that the device won’t disregard its heritage in terms of its design.
The Samsung Galaxy Note III is expected to come in several variants, one powered by a quad-core 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 and probably at least one another, running Samsung’s Exynos 5240 octa-core chipset. The amount of RAM is pegged at 3GB, with the diagonal of the phablet measuring in at 5.7-inch according to the latest information.
Launch has been
suggested to take place as early as September 4, or about a month from now.



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