The company that made one of the biggest comebacks with its portable Nintendo DS and the original Nintendo Wii seems to be having a problem with its current next gen-console the Wii U.

The company managed to only ship 160 000 units worldwide due to weak demand of the console, this is a 51.3% decrease from last quarter. Worldwide Nintendo has sold 3.61million units of the console and Nintendo says that the console is being sold as a loss leader.

All is not lost as the company has seen a 49% increase in software sales. Nintendo managed to ship 1.4M units of its portable 3DS and shipped 210 000 units of its original Wii which is more than the Wii U.

Can Super Mario, Donkey Kong Country and other titles save the fall in sales or was the console doomed from the start? Let us know what you’d do to save the Wii U.




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