With the new updated Nexus 7 Google also announced a new device that’s trying to get your attention in front of the TV with its new product Chromecast.

Chromecast is a small dongle that connects to new flat screen TVs through the HDMI port and streams web content such as pics, videos, music from your PC/Laptop, Smartphone, tablet. The really sweet part about this is that it only costs $35(R350).

The device really is tiny its comprises of a USB slot for power and an HDMI adapter which it uses to connect to the TV, it works with most TVs and works with your iPhone (iOS6 and up), Android(2.3 and up) phones/tablets and laptops/PCs (Mac OS X 10.7+ / Windows 7 and up). Google says that their isn’t a learning curve when it comes to the device as its a stripped down Chrome.

Chromecast will play all your media from the cloud via the device you play it through allowing you to even control the volume, the only downside is that locally saved files can’t be streamed unless you upload it to Youtube first then play it. The service supports a limited number of streaming services, but should grow thanks to Googlecast SDK, they include Youtube, Netflix, Pandora, Google Music and Google plus photos.

The device came with free 3 months worth of free Netflix which has been discontinued due to the huge demand of the device.

Google seems to be trying to rewrite the way in which media is consumed and is shipping it straight on to your TV without the hassle of buying a set-top box or having to dish out a load of cash to buy a new Smart-TV.
Chromecast is a direct competitor to Roku and the Apple TV though a few things are limited right now with some work and more access to content Google might be able to change the landscape for the better.



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