Stories you shouldn’t have missed this week:

15 July 2013:

Rovio Announces Epic Sequel: Angry Birds: Star Wars 2, Will Introduce Collectible ‘Telepod’ Figures

Microsoft Cuts Surface RT Price By 30%

17 July 2013:

MTN Brings Back Uncapped BIS

Google Maps For iPad Is Here, With Indoor Navigation & More

Google Reportedly Trying To Bring TV To The Internet

Samsung Really Is Going For Every Market: Plans A New Android Flip-Phone

Google Is Hosting An Event With Android And Chrome boss Sundar Pichai On July 24th

20 July 2013:

VLC Back On iOS After 2 Year Break

Motorola Moto X Announcement On August 1st

Microsoft Takes A $900 Million Hit On
Surface RT

21 July 2013:

Leak: What The Motorola Moto X Phone Will Look Like

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