Rovio has just announced a sequel to its massive hit title – Angry Birds: Star Wars on its blog.
Set to launch on September 19, the next iteration of probably-the-most-successful-mobile-game-ever will continue the Star Wars saga and feature over 30 “never-before-seen” characters from it’s universe. The cherry on top? Rovio has pretty much confirmed that beloved Jar Jar Binks will rank among them:
“At this point we will not comment on rumours or
speculation that Jar Jar Binks will be in the game.“

Speaking of characters, the Disney-wannabe has taken it’s merchandising effort to the next level – collectible ‘telepod’ figures will be available from Hasbro – Rovio says that placing the telepod on top of a smartphone’s or a tablet’s camera will prompt the app to scan it directly into the game. Pretty awesome stuff.
We may soon have a winner at our hands, for the Finnish-based company has taken a cue from it’s Bad Piggies spinoff – Angry Birds: Star Wars 2 will also allow you to choose your side!



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