Stories You Shouldn’t Have Missed This Week

25 June 2013:

Ouya Console Now In US, UK and Canada Stores

We Welcome The Sony Xperia Z Ultra 6.4″ Mega Phone

26 June 2013

Pure Android Samsung Galaxy S4 And HTC One Arrive On The Google Play Store

Windows 8.1 Will Soon Support High-Res Displays

Official Facebook and Flipboard Apps Will Launch Soon On Windows 8

Developers Get Ready.. The Developer
Kinect One is Now Available For Pre-Order

27 June 2013:

Nvidia Pushes Shield Release Back To July

Update To Skype For iOS Brings Free
Unlimited Video Messaging

28 June 2013:

Facebook Announces Beta App For Android

PS4 Bundle With Camera And Game May Cost R5000

Vine vs Instagram Video, Instagram Is
Winning At The Moment

WSJ Reports: Google Is Working On A Nexus Q Replacement, Gaming Console And Cheap Smartphones

BlackBerry Posts A Quarterly Loss Of $84 Million, Ships 6.8 Million Phones

30 June 2013:

R.I.P. Playbook, Won’t Get Renewed Life With Blackberry 10

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