Sources close to the Wall Street Journal broke news today that Google is working on a couple devices in house and is planning to at least have one of these products out by the fall.

Google and Android are getting serious with gaming thanks to the popularity of the Ouya and Gamestick Android console catching a lot of attention and Ouya selling well in retail, if Google gets into this we can see indie games take on a more serious role on the Google Play Store.

The Nexus Q Google’s hit and miss streaming speaker device that was launched last year, but was never sold to the public is getting a second chance.

The cheap smartphone market is a gold mine at the moment as developing markets such as India and Africa are the target for such devices are going to be the focus point of Google, as the company will make and market the smartphones themselves and will add quality into the Android software they get.

Also a smart watch is being developed as Sony has made the first move with its SmartWatch 2, Google is surly waiting for Samsung and Apple to announce its products.

Source: WSJ



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