After the announcement from the Google I/O event the world waited patiently for the Samsung Galaxy S4 running stock Android, then it was joined by the HTC One now the wait is over.

The two devices are now in stock on the Google Play Store each costing $599 and $649 respectively and are both GSM unlocked. The consumers will have a big smile as the devices part ways with their OEMs skins and carrier bloatware as the device is 100% Google Play Edition. Hurry cause you know how fast products sell in the Play store, devices ordered will start shipping on July 9th.



One thought on “Pure Android Samsung Galaxy S4 And HTC One Arrive On The Google Play Store

  1. Google seems to be dropping the Nexus line up. This seems good in a sense that since Google releases devices yearly, it can’t compete with flagships of other manufacturers. Giving Vanilla Android on flagships from other manufacturers would help Developers & it would give option to users to choose from manufacturer skin or Vanilla Android.

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