We’ve seen celebrities change phones before, like Jennifer Lopez who switched from a BlackBerry to a Nokia Lumia 920. Jessica Alba dropped her Apple iPhone (not figuratively) for what would eventually be a Nokia Lumia 920
. But neither starlet received $20 million big ones to change platforms like Jay-Z did. Are we really surprised? This guy can walk into a dung-filled landfill and walk out smelling like a rose…and with 30 endorsements.
The rapper as entrepreneur model started years ago with Sean Combs, but Jay-Z might do it even better. His deal with Samsung allows 1 million Galaxy device owners to download the new Magna Carta Holy Grail album 72 hours before it drops in stores.
Comparing a couple of tweets sent by Jay-Z, one from April before the deal was announced and the second one just days before the deal was announced, we can see that Jay-Z did indeed drop his Apple iPhone for an Android model. Which one? It’s guessed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is now the phone in Jay-Z’s hand.



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