WWDC brought an update for the desktop OS which also came with a new naming scheme and stepped away from the usual wild cat names, the new OS is called OS X Mavericks.

The update came with 7 new features that improved on the Safari browser, brought notifications to your Apple desktop or Macbook, Finder tabs tagging inside Finder and the ability to add multiple displays.

iBooks is now available for you on OS X which will bring 1.8 million of titles of books and textbooks to your pc, Safari is now faster and has an improved Reader look.

Apple added Keychain to iCloud and also improved notifications so iMessages can be read and replied to. Facetime chats push notifications that usually go to iOS devices.

Maps were improved with a 3D flyer over feature on desktop, POI, information cards and turn-by-turn directions. Apple will proved an SDK so developers can add information and data to the Maps.

Calendar got an update now you can sync Facebook events with your calendar, location awareness, weather and travel time were also added.

iWorks was also upgraded which is now available from Safari, Apples hand was forced due to Google Docs popularity and Office 365.

OS X Maverick will launch this fall.



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