First things first its a relief to see iOS updated and looking more beautiful than ever, Tim Cook said that 600 million iOS devices have been purchased 90% of those devices are running the latest version of iOS. He even had time to mock Android with a chart showing customer service with their OS is at number 3 surprisingly Windows Phone is number 2 and iOS ofcourse came out on top.

Let’s get down to business, what’s new ? :


Its flat alright 9to5 Mac was right on point, flat with brand new icons for photos and game center, the lead designer was Jony Ive who I must say done a great job with changing everything just enough to make a difference, but not a big change that users of the OS can’t find there way around( Windows can learn a thing or two).


Control Centre

A swipe up brings up control centre a quick way of switching on airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flashlight, brightness, and more. Its a long awaited feature.


Brings us up to speed with full screen browsing, gesture-based
navigation, tabs in a flipping card overview which flips in a 3D layout.

Camera and Photos

Instagram heavy users will welcome the new filters added, the UI has been tweaked as well. You can now share photos and video via iCloud, images can now be stored in a Timeline like manner that can later be view by year, date and location.


Multitasking is now supported by all apps with a new feature that let’s heavily used apps update themselves in the background more and won’t affect the battery life of your device. Multitasking borrows some design from WebOS with its multitasking interface.

iOS in car(yep that’s right)

You can now have the iOS interface in your car, but it’ll only be available from next year from a number of car brands even Ferrari is in on it.

iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio has been in the cards for quite sometime and Apple had to answer to Pandora, Spotify and other streaming services soon or it would have been left in the stone age. iTunes Radio was the answer it lets you choose songs to listen to on-demand, and it has the ability to curate radio stations based on particular songs, artists, albums, or genres. It’s very similar to how Pandora works. You’ll get an ad version of the app for free or you can go for an ad-free version which will require you to have an iTunes Match subscription.


AirDrop is a new feature that will let you share files in Control Centre with people that are close to you and have an iOS device, it works with the iPhone 5, fifth- generation iPod touch, fourth-generation iPad, and iPad mini.


FaceTime is supported over voice now instead of making a phone call you can just FaceTime a user over voice.

Don’t forget

Other things that got an update is the limit on apps in each folder which has been increased in to the hundreds, Notification Centre has been redesigned and is now available from your lock screen.

A lot has been added and more things will pop up as you explore through the OS redesign, the beta version is available for developers now, but normal users have to wait till the fall for the update to be made public.


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