The Xbox One seems to be more of an entertainment box at this point as news that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Nancy Tellem, leader of the company’s original content efforts
for the Xbox franchise is in Hollywood looking to partner with studios to create exclusive content for the Xbox One.

The report claims that the Xbox One would extend that content with other functionality thanks too the consoles improved voice control, and split-screen technology. Ballmer also mentioned that “Microsoft doesn’t want to [become] a cable channel.” Which is good thing cause they wouldn’t want to compete against companies which have deep pockets for content and would result in a loss for Microsoft.

Microsoft also has a problem which it plans to address at this years E3 when the company announced the console it was very much entertainment oriented, but Xbox and Microsoft have seem to have forgotten the main purpose of the Xbox and why it exists its a games console first before anything else.

Microsoft is spending $1 billion on games on the Xbox One that amount will surly slip a bit as the approach Microsoft is more focused on the entertainment, but we’ll know for sure at E3.



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