The PC gaming industry is built on alien looking case PC’s and phat laptops that aren’t that portable, but the new Razer Blade changes that.

The new 14-inch Blade is the thinnest gaming laptop to date with a design style inspired by the Macbook Air. Running inside will be the new Intel Haswell processors a GTX 765M GPU from Nvidia and comes with 128GB SSD standard, with boosts of 256GB and 512GB available. The Blade’s screen hits a maximum screen size of 14-inches and fits a resolution of 1600 x 900.

The Blades battery keeps it going for six hours and it runs Windows 8 to tell the truth this really is a game changer for the portable gaming laptop industry, as other company’s will follow the same slick design while keeping the power and loosing the pounds at the same time. Pricing starts at $1 799(R17 000) and it’ll be available for pre-order on June 3th at 12am



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