While signing up 500,000 users during its open testing since the beginning of the year, Dubbler officially launches today for iOS and Android.
What is Dubbler? Think of it as being Vine for your voice. Users record a message for up to 60 seconds, filter it if they want, and zap it off to a social network like Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.
You can even leave the message on the site for the Dubblr community to hear. For those shy, or with something that they don’t want everyone to hear, a private, direct message can be sent. (5% to 10% do so).
With Dubbler, you can snap a picture to use as a lander for your clip and you can use hashtags in the same way you would on Instagram or Twitter.
The app’s ToS prevent sexual content. So far, about 50% of Dubbler’s messages have remained on the site while the remainder get sent off to a social networking site.
Dubbler doesn’t have a deep pocketed social networking related parent like Vine does, so it is open to being copied. Still, Dubbler hopes that instead of fighting off copy-cats, it ends up partnering with other apps like Instagram and Twitter.
You can find Dubbler in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play Store where it is a free download.



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