Nokia today hosted an event to announce a new entry level phone that’s bound to give Android a hard time in the low end of the market.

The Nokia Asha 501 was the feature phone announced and its got a few tricks up its sleeves to surprise buyers.

Buyers will get a 3″ QVGA capacitive touchscreen on the front (133ppi) with 2 finger multi-touch support, a 3.2MP fixed-focus camera, a 4gb pre-installed MicroSD card. Connectivity wise its a mixed bag 2G (with a 3G version later in the year), Wi-fi, Bluetooth 3.0 and microUSB 2.0.

The 501 comes with the blood of MeeGo OS and an interesting piece of software behind it called Fastline, thanks to the purchase of a small company called SmarterPhone a few years ago the phone is more focused on swiping across apps and homescreens which the phone has 2 of.

The two home screens with one being
‘Fastlane’ which shows your present and past with present showing running apps (Yes Asha finally got multi-tasking) and while Past shows messages and other notifications. The other feature is called App drawer.

The new Asha will have a host of Social networks from Facebook and Twitter to Youtube pre-installed. The device will ship globally June and will cost $99(R800) before taxes.



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