Stories you shouldn’t have missed this week:

29 April 2013:

Samsung’s 2013 Tablet Portfolio Leaks: 1080p 8-inch Tab, Octa-Core 11-incher Coming

Samsung Announces Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

30 April 2013:

Google Now Arrives On iOS

16GB Samsung Galaxy S4 Only Has About 9GB Free For Users

Tweet Shows That An Official Twitter App For Google Glass Is Coming

2 May 2013:

iOS 7 Will Be A Major Redesign

Android In April: Jelly Bean Overtakes ICS

Instagram Gets Photo Tagging Feature

Angry Birds Friends Lands On iOS And
Android Plus Its Free

3 May 2013:

Samsung Replies To Galaxy S4 Limited
Storage Accusations, Says Go Get A MicroSD Card

4 May 2013:

Blackberry R10 Poses For The Camera

5 May 2013:

App Allows You To Upload Video To YouTube From Google Glass

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