Samsung’s portfolio of devices is surely a well-guarded secret and having it all leak out is a dubious affair, but in this case the source is SamMobile, a relatively trustworthy publication, and it brings some good news. In 2013, Samsung is allegedly planning to bring an 8-inch Galaxy Tab tablet with a 1080p screen and an 11-inch Android slate with an octa-core chip. These are just some of the Samsung tablets that will get released throughout the year, and here is the full list along with the rumoured
Samsung Galaxy Tab DUOS 7.0 (nearly identical to the just announced Galaxy Tab 3.0)
– 7.0” PLS LCD 600 x 1024 pixel screen
– 3 Megapixel (rear camera)
– 2 Megapixel (front)
– dual-core processor
– dual-SIM
– microSD 32GB
Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0
– 8.0” AMOLED 1080p screen
– 5 Megapixel (rear camera)
– 2 Megapixel (front)
– quad-core A9 chip (Exynos 4412)
– microSD 64GB
* Samsung need to solve AMOLED burning problem first.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 11
– 11” Super PLS TFT screen
– 8 Megapixel (rear camera)
– 2 Megapixel (front)
– dual-core A15 chip (Exynos 5250)
– microSD 64GB
– 11” Super PLS TFT screen
– 8 Megapixel (rear camera)
– 2 Megapixel (front)
– octa-core A15 / A7 big.LITTLE chip (Exynos 5410)
– microSD 64 GB
* Needs to get approvement from Google If true, Samsung will have quite a solid standing in tablet this year. Being the first with a 1080p compact tablet will obviously be a huge advantage as that market grows tremendously quickly, and a possible new Nexus 11 could become the world’s first octa-core tablet. Also, development of the second generation Galaxy Note 10.1 might have slowed down or have been canceled completely due to weak sales of the tablet.



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