You can add one more item to the list of clues
indicating that a Windows Phone Instagram app
is coming soon. The latest hint comes courtesy of
Nokia Sweden, which spilled the beans via its
Facebook page in a post that was subsequently
taken down. “Instagram is on the way but can’t
give an exact date right now”, read the post,
according to a rough translation.
Actually this isn’t the first time Nokia Sweden
comments on the possibility of Instagram coming
to WP in an official form. Back in March, it
tweeted that a port was under development (see
the second screenshot below), yet again without
mentioning anything regarding a specific release
Rumor has it that the official Instagram client for
Windows Phone is to launch in May, and it won’t
be surprising if its release coincides with Verizon’s
Nokia Lumia 928 launch or unveiling. Until then,
Windows Phone users have Nokia’s #
2instawithlove app to tinker with, or a Metrogram
and Instagraph combo might do the trick as well
for the time being.



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