The Wall Street Journal seems to get these stories by the week, now they are reporting that Microsoft is working on a smartwatch joining Samsung, Apple and Google just to name a few who are trying their hand on wearable watch technology.

The smartwatch has been something the tech companies of the world have been trying to get right, until that point was reached by a Kickstarter back project called the Pebble Watch which found success this year.

This isn’t Microsoft’s first shot on a smartwatch in 2004 a product under the name SPOT used radio signals to send instant messages from Windows
Messenger, news headlines, stock information, and weather forecasts as part of a paid subscription service. Production stooped in 2008 and the project was scraped last year.

Microsoft has ordered a few parts from an Asian company to supply parts for the watch, but the question is who’s going to announce or better yet release their smartwatch first?



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