To our ever-growing collection of floating apps for
, we have to now add Overlays, which introduces
floating your current widgets on top of any
app screen you desire.
The implications are huge, as you can not only
dock a calculator handy while working on a
spreadsheet, or browse for something while in an
app, as the somewhat limited floating app suites
so far, but actually have all the widgets you
currently employ and love on your homescreens,
pinned to the front of the display, while you are
doing something else underneath.
The Pro version lets you create custom
Overlays profiles for when you launch separate
apps or for dedicated actions, like plugging in
your headphones, and it also contains homebrew
presets for a lot of the common scenarios.
This takes multitasking with Android to a better
level, since if you’ve probably already noticed that
with extensive use of widgets, you now rarely
even enter the app drawer, and can actually do
the vast majority of your daily routines directly
from Android’s homescreens.



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