It looks like the first major software update to
BlackBerry 10 OS will start rolling out later this
month – just in time for the BlackBerry Q10
launch. In fact, quite a few of the new features it
will bring are meant for BlackBerry Q10 users as
they take advantage of its physical QWERTY
Among them will be the new Type N Go, which is
a perk that provides quick access to a number of
commands straight from the search bar. For
example, typing “email” and then a contact’s
name will launch the email client and add them
as a recipient. That works with BBM, videocalls,
SMS, phone calls, and more. In addition, the
keyboard’s hardware buttons will work as
shortcut keys after the update: “i” and “o” will
zoom in and out respectively, while “r” or “f” will
reply to or forward an email. The OS’ word
prediction feature will also be modified in
accordance to the BlackBerry Q10 and its form
Further changes include improvements to the
Corporate Liable feature and BlackBerry Balance,
which improve a phone’s security if it is being
used as a work device and make it easier for users
to switch between their work and personal needs.
Last but not least, the interface’s color will be
changed, although it seems like only BlackBerry
Q10 owners will have this new dark theme on
their devices. Take a look at the screenshot
below and see what that will look like!



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