Facebook Home is a beautiful and wonderful skin add on to Android the end.

Well it never ends like that Facebook Home is a skin that is added over on your home screen which adds a more fluid and connected facebook experience called ‘Cover flow’, which comes with tools that give you gesture-operated aggregation of your friends’ posts, pictures, statuses, etc.

Chat Heads is one of the mean features that come with Cover Flow, it keeps floating heads of whoever you are chatting to flowing over Android, as soon as you receive a message or notification of a person their head will appear in the corner of the screen. Chat head is applied to facebook messages and text messages.

Facebook home will be available in the Play Store from the 14th of April and will support a number of phones at launch such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, S III and Note II and the HTC One and One X+.

The HTC First will be a low cost smartphone that will launch with Facebook Home pre-installed and optimized for the phone, a great $99(R920-R1100) its available on AT&T for now, but the phone should see a global release pretty soon.

Image Courtesy: The Verge



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