Market analyst Flurry, which supplies user info to
most app developers, and gathers data from
about a billion smartphones and more than 2000
uniques devices, has come up with interesting
observations on mobile trends already, but now it
decided to break things down by screen size.
Flurry took the top 200 most popular models that
represent 80% of its vast database, and it turns
out that the big-screen trend that Android users
are starting to take for granted, is actually only
slowly making headway in the grand scheme of
The mid-size commands a vast majority of devices
owned, with the so-called phablets representing
only two percent globally, which Flurry calls a
‘fad’, yet with the influx of 5″ and up flagships
this year, carrying Full HD displays, something
tells us that ratio is bound to change. Also,
breaking the activities down by category shows
that tablets are heavily used as gaming devices,
not so much for reading and video as initially

Image Courtesy & Source: Flurry Analytics



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