Androidbook, an Android-powered notebook
might get unveiled in the third quarter of 2013,
according to an interesting speculation from
DigiTimes, a publication with deep roots in
Taiwan’s tech supply chain.
DigiTimes Research, the analytical division of the
publication, has suggested that the Androidbook
could become a reality in Q3 2013. It cites the
arrival of Google’s Chrome head, Sundar Pichai,
on top of the Android system. To remind you,
Google has recently unveiled its Chromebook Pixel
notebook that beat the MacBook Retina to
become the laptop with highest resolution on the
Up until now, though, there were no clues of
Google bridging the gap between Chrome OS and
Android, and while an Androidbook won’t exactly
merge the platforms, it might cannibalize
ChromeBook sales. Don’t forget that this is just a
speculation from DigiTimes analysts, and this time
it does not seem to have its roots in their famous
supply chain sources, so take it with the usual
grain of salt.
Still, the Linux-based Android definitely has a lot
of the versatility of the of a traditional desktop
platform. And with more than 700,000 apps, it
definitely has an edge over Chrome OS.



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