Singapore’s Hardware Zone noticed a big change
in the pictures taken with an HTC One review unit
and a second unit that it swapped out the original
phone for. The firmware had been updated on the
unit and when comparing the pictures from the
two handsets, you can see the differences in the
photos. After the update, the pictures were
sharper and clearer (except at ISO800 for some
reason). HTC says that the final versions of the
units that will be released to consumers will
contain the updated firmware.
When HTC first revealed the idea behind using
the UltraPixel name, it was obvious that the
Taiwan based manufacturer was concerned that
the public was going to concentrate on the 4MP
used on the camera and wonder why HTC was
not winning the arms race, the continuously
escalating number of MP on a smartphone
camera. But if the public simply looks at the
pictures that the updated camera takes, the
public no longer will be judging the quality of a
camera on a smartphone merely by the number
of MP that the camera is promoted as having.
In an amazing bit of forecasting the future,
NYTimes tech writer David Pogue wrote all the
way back in February 2007, before the Apple
iPhone was launched, that the public was getting
too hung up on the MP count on digital cameras
and that he had seen a 4MP camera take better
pictures than an 8MP shooter. And speaking of
the future, inabout 30 seconds from now, when
you check out the pictures
below, keep in mind that the photos taken with
the improved firmware are on the right.



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