In order to spur developers into action, Mozilla is
offering workshops for three days overseas with
those attending receiving a free developer
phone loaded with the OS. The workshops start
in Madrid, Spain on April 20; travel to Bogotá,
Colombia on May 18; and conclude in Warsaw,
Poland on June 1. To attend, Mozilla requests that
you send them an application which includes a
demo of your web development expertise and
experience. But in return, you get hands-on
access to Firefox OS developers and the Firefox
OS Developer Preview hardware.
Firefox is looking for individuals or groups of
developers who have experience writing for open
web formats like PhoneGap, Chrome, webOS,
BlackBerry and WebWorks and port over to
Firefox OS their apps so that they can be used
to start stocking the Firefox Marketplace. Firefox
OS is expected to launch in 9 locations this year
and reach the U.S. in 2014. The carriers seem to
love the OS because it gives their customers a low
priced smartphone option in some areas of the
world where smartphones are too pricey and
featurephones are the big seller. The carriers
make more money selling smartphone data plans
to their customers.
The Firefox Developer Preview phone has a
similar function to the BlackBerry Dev. Alpha
phone, which is to allow developers to test how
their apps will work on the platform. The phone
rolled out in January with a 3.5 inch screen, a
single-core 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and a
1580mAh battery. And while it is way too early to
start worrying about which big name apps will be
on board, Twitter has already made a
committment to the OS.



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