If you love the classic Pac-Man game, we are
happy to (gobble, gobble) tell you that it is now
free in the Google Play Store as part of a
game called Pac-Man +Tournaments. Not only has
Namco used the freemium approach to offering
the game, it has made it an exclusive for the
Google Play Store for now. Those who don’t mind
shelling out a little bit of money will be rewarded
with weekly updates containing brand new mazes
to play.
The Tournament part of the game offers great
prizes for true Pac-Man fans like plush Pac-Man
ghost toys. Can you name the ghosts in the
game? They are Pinky, Inky, Blinky and Cyde. If
you got it right, we’re a little concerned about
you. Anyway, in case you iOS users were getting
a little green with envy, don’t fear. There will be
an iOS version of the app.
That does beg the question why Namco decided
to go with Android first considering that for most
developers it is the other way around. Namco
explained the decision by noting that Android has
the largest installed base today and that Pac-
Man already has a presence in the Apple App
Store. Namco thought that with this game it
would be the perfect time for Pac-Man to make its
debut on Android. And with the success of the
freemium model, that is the direction that Namco
wanted to go in.
“Android is the biggest OS in terms of installed
base today. While PAC-MAN is already very
present on iOS, it can benefit from a lot more
visibility with Android users. Additionally, Google’s
recent initiatives on games have really won us
over, and it was a logical step for us to launch this
new title first on Google Play.”-James Kucera,
Head of Mobile, NAMCO BANDAI Games America
“PAC-MAN has adapted to over 30 years of video
game platforms and trends. Free-to-Play is the
dominating model today, especially on Android,
and we need to stay ahead of that. The
Tournaments mode, where players can enjoy
playing the classic PAC-MAN with never-before-
seen mazes, is a perfect fit for this micro-
transaction ecosystem.”-Alex Adjadj, Director of
Global Strategy, Namco Bandai Games America



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