The video game industry isn’t what it was like
several years ago, as mobile smartphones have
increasingly intruded the space. Nowadays, it
seems as though game developers can bank the
most amount of money by developing games for
mobile – as opposed to the usual routine of
sticking with the console scene. On one hand,
these developers seek to employ various slick
touch controls for their games, but certain ones,
it seems as though a good old fashion
gamepad would suffice the most.
Do you yearn for your traditional console
gamepad when playing some of your favorite
mobile games? Well, you’re probably well aware
about this company called MOGA, which
produces the MOGA Mobile pocket gaming system
for Android devices. Providing gamers with that
familiar control scheme and feel, this portable
game pad comes in handy with certain games. In
terms of design, it doesn’t really have an
aggressive style to make it jump out us – though,
we’re amazed by how light it is for its size. In
fact, it’s hardly noticeable, which is primarily
attributed to its all-plastic construction.
Even though we appreciate the dual-analog
sticks that come in handy with certain gaming
genres, we’re not particularly fond of their flat
feel. To tell you the truth, it’s not the same kind
of analog sticks you’d find with the XBOX 360 and
PS3 controllers, but rather, it’s similar to the
dinky ones on Sony’s PSP portable console.
Regardless of that, it’s nice that the control setup
is a familiar one – almost identical to what we find
on existing console gamepads.
However, its unique feature is found in the way
we’re able to attach our smartphone to it.
Now, if there’s one complaint, we have to say that
it requires two triple-A batteries to run, instead
of a rechargeable battery. Priced modestly at $
50 (±R465), we’re certain mobile gamers will adore the
gamepad experience – as opposed to touch
controls, which can sometimes occupy a lot of the
space on a smartphone or tablet.

Image Courtesy: PhoneArena



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