The Samsung Galaxy S 4 was just unveiled as the
first phone coming with Corning’s new Gorilla
Glass 3
, and as tough as Gorilla Glass is, in the near
future we might have much tougher glass on our
devices. That will be sapphire glass, a type of
glass that already has its use in the military for
transparent armor, and that might soon arrive to
A type aluminum oxide, sapphire is transparent
and nearly three times tougher and more scratch
resistant than current glass. It is actually so
tough it’s comparable to diamonds. However
unlike diamonds, it is much cheaper. This
ruggedness and relatively affordable price make it
a good candidate for the future superphones. The
only hurdle? It is not yet affordable enough.
While Gorilla Glass could cost around $3 apiece,
the same sized slab of sapphire might run phone
makers up to $30.
There is a lot of savings to come though as
competition in the space heats up and mass
production would also significantly lower its costs.
We’re sure Corning will also not be resting idle
while other companies try to make the case for
sapphire. The end result though will surely be
tougher and more scratch resistant glass in our



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