When it comes to music, it seems as though the
marketing folks deem it best that speakers of all
sorts deliver as much bass as possible. Who’s to
blame them, right? There’s nothing better than
some feeling some pounding tones out of a
speaker to get us jump-started. Considering it’s
the rage nowadays, it’s no wonder why Divoom’s
latest offering, the Bluetune-solo Bluetooth
Speaker, is following the trend like many others
out there.
Instead of donning the cutthroat speaker design,
Divoom differentiates the Bluetune-solo by
making available in a rainbow of color options
– such as the shimmering blue color of our model.
With its cylindrical shape, we really can’t say that
it’s original, but nevertheless, we’re thankful it’s
not a typical cookie cutter speaker design.
However, it’s worth mentioning that it packs
some noticeable weight, which doesn’t make it
a candidate fit to travel in your pockets.
On the top surface, its grill tucks away the
speaker beneath it, which employs the
Bluetune-solo X-Bass Sound System for
nothing more than pumping out those lovable
bass tones that our ears enjoy hearing. Also,
there’s a multi-function button nearby that
accepts/rejects phone calls and places the
speaker into pairing mode. Along the rim, we
appreciate the added touch of incorporating
blue LED lights to match the paint job of the
speaker – while also adding a subtle glow in the
dark. Finally, there’s a microUSB port to charge
its internal battery, but more importantly, we can
use the included proprietary USB cable to daisy
chain it to other speakers. Naturally, the 3.5mm
port on the speaker itself helps to achieve the
We’ll admit that
there’s a slight shrill to its audio quality at the
loudest volume setting, but regardless of that,
bass tones continue to maintain their
integrity. Therefore, it’s never underpowered at
any moment. Overall, it’s something meant to be
used in smaller or confined spaces, seeing that its
output isn’t close to the level of some other
comprehensive speakers. Still, some will no doubt
like its portability, strong bass output, and 8
hours of battery life.

Image Courtesy: PhoneArena



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