What is Nokia telling us when it shows a picture of
a Nokia Lumia handset with the caption, “Sun,
sun, sun, here we come!” The quote, of course, is
from George Harrison’s masterpiece “Here Comes
the Sun,” with a little change. We don’t need a
lightbulb to go off over our heads to conclude
that the Finnish based manufacturer is hinting
that solar charging is coming to its Nokia Lumia
line of Windows Phones.
If true, that would be quite a reversal from
January 2012 when Nokia shot down the idea
of using the sun as a green and cheap way to
power up smartphones. Back then, we told you
that Nokia had even built five prototypes which
were given to five testers who staked out
positions throughout the globe. The effectiveness
of the process depended greatly on what part of
the world the phone was being tested in. For
example, in Kenya, where the sun is out all year,
the solar recharging worked the best. On the
other hand, at the Arctic Circle, the low angle of
the sun forced the tester to chase sunlight as it
moved around the house every day.
Trying to decipher the caption, some have
theorized that Nokia is merely making a comment
on the yellow color of the unnamed phone. Or
perhaps the OEM is just looking forward to the
summer. If Nokia is indeed working on a phone
that uses solar charging, it could help sell its
smartphones to those who are considered
“green”. How important would solar charging be
to you in deciding which phone to buy?



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