HTC, Sony, and Samsung have all had their big
reveals for new flagship devices, and Motorola/
Google is still a couple months away from Google
I/O and whatever announcement is made there.
So, that means it’s time for analysts to come back
out and talk about Apple. The newest bit of
“analysis” says that the iPhone 5S (but really iOS)
will have a new “killer feature”, which seems like a
pretty obvious thing for Apple to aim at providing.
Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty may be a
bit more reliable of a source, because she has
recently met with Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer.
Huberty is saying that “Apple will surprise this
year” with “a killer feature that drives consumers
increasingly to the platform”. She said that the
feature would start on the iPhone 5S, but made it
clear that whatever the improvement, it would be
a software feature, because it would increase “the
value of those 500 million [Apple] accounts.”
Given that the “S” versions of the iPhone don’t
change the external design, and Apple focuses
more on performance and software improvements
with the “S” versions, it seems easy to assume
this is a software feature. We’d certainly love to
see a “killer feature” from Apple, because that
insinuates that the feature would be something
more bold and impressive than we’ve seen from
Apple recently. Of course, it would be nice to see
some UI changes as well, but that’s not exactly a
“killer feature”.



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