Samsung mobile chief J.K.Shin
has spoken to WSJ, addressing the rumors of problems with Android and the unhappiness of the companies market share in the US.

He was asked why New York was chosen for the unpacked event:

We’re now a global player in the smartphone market and a global company, and the U.S. is an important market for us. This is the first time we’re holding our “unpacked” event in
New York… Innovation is what will get
consumers to buy new devices. I don’t dwell on market share numbers, but I’m not satisfied with our market share in the U.S.

The Galaxy S4 was filed with 140 patients, JK also said that the low end market isn’t going to be ignored.

JK- “We’re quite active in the low-end smartphone market and we will continue to compete in this area. In the U.S. for example, our main focus is selling the Galaxy line of high-end smartphones.”

Rumors went around that the company was having problems with Android, JK Shin cleared the air with saying “We like Android and we
plan to continue our good relations with Google. I don’t think it’s correct to say that there’s friction”



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