Samsung is about to announce the Galaxy S4 and LG is doing everything in its power too steal the spotlight, starting with the billboards in Time Square, now its with new features coming to the Optimus G Pro.

LG will be bringing a feature called Smart Video which stops the video that’s playing on the screen when you look away, sounds familiar.. that’s cause the same feature leaked on a video earlier on that’s said to do the same thing in the new Galaxy S4.

LG announce other features such as:

  • Magic Remote Pad and Text Keypad via the QRemote function. These new options for QRemote work specifically with LG Smart TVs to enhance convenience when using Optimus G Pro as a remote control for LG Smart TVs.
  • The Smart LED Lighting outlining the home button of the Optimus G Pro will be upgraded so users can customize the colors to correspond to their favorite contacts. The flashing of the LED in different colors will allow users to identify the source of incoming calls, missed calls, unread messages and emails.
  • Video Pause/Resume allows the user to stop and start in record mode for one continuous video file.
  • The first Color Emoticons in an Android smartphone for more personalized text messages.

    The Value Pack will reach the Optimus G Pro in Korea next month and the rest of the world later in the year.

    Image Courtesy: GsmArena


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