Remember how back in August, a Chinese phone
maker released an iPhone 5 look-alike before the
real deal was even official? Well, Goophone has
now done it again! Just hours ago, the Goophone
i5S ā€“ presumably a knock-off of the yet-to-be-
announced iPhone 5S, was made available for
purchase. And judging by what we see, the fake looks pretty close to a
genuine Apple smartphone, albeit seemingly
being a tad thicker.
Under the hood of the Goophone i5S runs a 1GHz,
dual-core MediaTek SoC paired with 1GB of RAM
and 8GB of storage. There’s a 4-inch, 854 by 480
pixel display on its front, which thankfully uses
capacitive touchscreen technology instead of the
less-accurate resistive one. You also get a 5MP
rear camera and a 1.3MP snapper up front. What
appears to be iOS is actually a modified version of
Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Overall there’s nothing
on the Goophone i5S specs sheet that can
impress us, but you can’t really ask for much
more out of a phone that costs $150 unlocked.
But even though it costs so little, the Goophone
i5S should probably be avoided, unless you really
want to make people around you think you
actually own a real iPhone. The build quality of
these knock-offs is often sub-par so you never
know when it might just fall apart in your hands.



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