Google has already turned glasses into a high-
tech product, so what can it do with sneakers? At
SXSW, which just opened on Friday, Google
revealed sneakers that have received the
“Google” treatment. Part of a new program called
“Art, Copy and Code,” the sneakers have a
microcontroller embedded in the tongue and a
speaker above it. It features an accelerometer
and a gyroscope and has sensors at the bottom of
the sneaker. The footwear connects to your
smartphone via Bluetooth.
Google gave the sneakers some personality. If you
start running, you might find it cheering as you
run. If the sneaker gets lazy, it will cheer you on if
you sit on the couch. Although Google does have
backing from Adidas (who is the manufacturer of
the original sneaker before it was ‘Google-ized’),
the Mountain View company is not getting into
the sneaker business no matter how many fans
tell them to just do it. The idea of all of this is to
show how tons of data can be analyzed to tell a
story “in new and different ways.”

Image Courtesy: Engadget



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