Several days ago, a rumor related to the
upcoming and yet-unannounced Samsung Galaxy
S IV surfaced suggesting that the device would
use advanced eye-tracking features
. By figuring out which part of the screen the user
is looking at, the smartphone would automatically
scroll whatever content is displayed, be it a web
page, a document, or something else. Now, a
handful of screenshots, allegedly taken on a
Galaxy S IV, confirm the existence of the said
The so-called Smart scroll feature will scroll
pages automatically depending on where the user
is looking at the screen. The stock web browser,
Chrome, Gmail and the Email client are certainly
going to be among the apps compatible with the
feature. There will also be a way of adjusting the
speed, at which Smart scroll will be scrolling
through pages.
In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S IV will be the
first to use a new feature called Smart pause.
Basically, it will pause videos if it detects that you
aren’t looking at the screen. Another intelligent
feature that will work in a similar fashion is Smart
rotation, which will rotate the screen depending
on your angle of sight.
We must also mention that the screenshots
measure 1080 by 1920 pixels, meaning that the
Samsung Galaxy S IV will use a 1080 display
(assuming the screenshots are legitimate, of
course). Chances are that we’ll learn more about
these and other interesting features Samsung has
developed as soon as the Galaxy S IV is made
official on March 14.



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