Although the following vulnerability is not likely to
expose any sensitive data stored on one’s
smartphone, its a flaw that must be brought to
people’s attention. It has been discovered that
the Samsung Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III, and
perhaps other of the maker’s recent Android
smartphones running version 4.1.2 of the OS are
affected by a glitch that exposes their home
screen for a fraction of a second even if the
device is protected by a PIN or pattern.
the home button is pressed at that time, the
home screen is displayed briefly, thus letting one
launch applications, assuming their fingers are
fast enough. In theory, that could allow someone
to call contacts listed on Direct Dial widgets, or
cause other kinds of trouble. We can confirm that
the hack works on a Samsung Galaxy S III
running Android 4.1.2.
Of course, the flaw is no cause for major panic,
but it is one that definitely shouldn’t be present
on a device that is supposed to be secure. In case
someone can confirm the presence of this
vulnerability on other Samsung Android devices,



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